Privacy Policy

 What data I, the site owner, collect:

  • Stuff like your* location (as in your city and country, not your address).
  • Tech stuff like what device you viewed the site on and which browser
  • Site user data: how long you spent on the site, what website you came from, etc.
*you/your as in the broader sense, not you a specific individual. Users are anonymous and I don't know who visits the site.

What I don’t collect (knowingly, anyway):
  • More specific stuff like your gender, age, etc.

Third-party sites/apps used:
  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdSense
  • Disqus
The data the third-party sites collect may be different than what Minimalist Movement sees/gets.
They also use cookies, which allows them to track what you look at across different browsers and knows if you've been to a website before. Tech is nosey. 
I can't speak to what they do with your data but probably to formulate marketing plans to sell you more stuff IDK 

What I do with that data:
  • I look at it primarily to satisfy personal curiosity
  • I don't sell it and will never
  • Maybe if I was approached for sponsored content and they wanted to know how much web traffic I get. But I haven't done that yet in the 10+ years I've been blogging so

Any questions or concerns, please email tinyhousetown {at} gmail {dot} come.