Your most common questions and comments: anticipated and answered.

Is this still available?

I don't know, ask the owner/builder. I just share homes I find; I don't actually build anything.

This is too expensive.

Then don't buy it?

I'm a builder. Can I send you something to post?

Yes! It needs to be well-photographed though. Not necessarily professional grade but good lighting, clear subject, etc. 

There is no fee to post either. 

I'm a photographer and something I photographed is posted. Can you add credit?

Of course! Just send me your details and any socials/website you would like linked.

I own a home you have posted. Can you link my website/socials?

Absolutely. Just send me the info by email and let me know which home.

Who is the builder

If they aren't listed, I don't know. But where the builder isn't listed, the home's owner probably is so reach out and ask them!

Where can I find a builder that specializes in small/tiny house builds?

I keep a list on my other blog here.

What's your top advice for someone looking to live tiny/smaller?

Be realistic. I think tiny house living represents a version of a person people aspire to be; someone who can live on less. That person is probably saving a ton of money and isn't inundated with stuff, right? 

If you aren't already that kind of person who can live on less, you're not going to like tiny living. I've blogged about tiny houses for almost 8 years and a LOT of custom-built tiny homes get listed for sale within a year. If you're the kind of person who has Amazon packages coming every day, likes to use more than a single pan and pot, or has a massive makeup collection, you won't have anywhere to put all that stuff in a 200 sq ft house and you will feel overwhelmed and cramped. Adjust your habits before committing to a purchase. If you can't, re-assess! Tiny house living isn't for everyone and that's okay. I have a ton of makeup; I couldn't live in a 200-sq-ft home but a 1,2000 home is doable. It's also still smaller than most homes! There are different ways of downsizing and/or reducing your footprint without going to the extreme.

Where can I put a tiny house?

Depends and it varies wildly.

To start, call up your city. There's gotta be someone there who can tell you about municipal by-laws and building codes.

If you're working with a builder, ask them. They probably know and, if they don't, they'll know who to call or where to look.

You could also call up a lawyer who specializes in construction or municipal laws. 

I don’t recommend asking on Facebook or a forum. Some of the answers are guesses. Some answers apply to where one person lives but may not work for where you live. Or they'll just tell you what they did but not everything everyone does is legal. So ask a trusted source.