About the Blog

This blog is sort of a sequel to my first blog, Tiny House Town. I chronicled all kinds of tiny houses, but I decided to expand to bigger small homes. Typically, the homes featured here are 1,200 sq ft or less, but there is some wiggle room if I really like a house that's a little bit over.

The point of Minimalist Movement is to show the possibility of living in homes with a smaller footprint. And that you don't have to sacrifice style/design or functionality.

About Me
My name is Jen and I love looking at houses. My first magazine subscription was to Canadian House & Home when I was like 12. I love beautiful homes and interior design. So I started blogging about homes I loved. The one about tiny homes was the most popular and biggest: Tiny House Town (THT).

I blogged on THT full-time for a few years but then kinda burned myself out; I was pumping out a lot of content at the blog's peak. So I took a break for a few years. That and there were other tiny house blogs popping up that were just copying everything I wrote and posted without credit. That got old real fast.

I got a Real World job in marketing, which I liked but wasn't quite the right fit. Now I'm in law school, which I love. It dominates my time from September to April but, in the summer and during breaks, I'm hoping to put more time into blogging again. I love sharing beautiful homes I find. It's a nice break from writing 101 case summaries every semester.

Some other info about me: I live in Toronto but would love to move to the States after I graduate. I love Detroit and would love to live there (yes, really- it's a great city and a lot of people are missing out due to its outdated reputation!). I also love horseback riding, road trips, hiking, and have a small fuzzy dog that I utterly adore.

Anyway, welcome to the blog! Happy you're here xoxo