The Round House (1,000 Sq Ft)

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New Paltz, NY // 1,000 Sq Ft // $750/night (3-night min) // For Rent On Boutique Homes

If you're looking for a unique and stunning vacation rental, look no further than the Round House in New Paltz, New York. This domed home is set deeply in an upstate forest and is truly one of a kind. The Round House has been featured in design publications such as Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and The New York Times, and for good reason. This cabin for rent in New York is both remarkable and pastoral, a place where rabbits, deer, and wild turkey run circles around a wooded, 28-acre lot, and wide glass panels rise up the dome’s wood-slatted curves, letting the vivid sunlight and twinkling moon- and starlight bathe the space in energizing good vibes.

The interior of this unique, spaceship-inspired dome home is surprisingly soaring and soothing. Outside, wood shingles and a deck appear almost cozy and cabin-like, but inside, the home’s look is 100 percent clean and contemporary. Spectacular walls of the light wood curve ever upwards, interrupted by rows of cathedral-like windows. Built to rotate on a remote system, the home’s stationary position is remarkable without any spin.

At the dome’s heart, a cluster of support beams stretch to the dome’s center point and the living spaces radiate around them. There’s a curving kitchen island with seating and an adjacent dining area. A living room fills one arc, offering bright, comfortable furnishings, rugs, and artworks. A primary bedroom and bath suite fills another arc on the home’s lower floor, and a curvy, open-air staircase winds its way to the second level, a loft-like space housing two bedrooms, plus a library, office, and additional bath.

This cabin for rent in New York is located on a wooded, wildlife-filled acreage with dozens of private hiking trails, and a 40-foot cedar deck wraps around the home’s periphery. A stream with a waterfall burbles nearby, and pastures of wildflowers and native grasses offset the forest. A hot tub sits under its own dome tent at the edge of the woods, a short walk from the home, and an organic veggie garden is available for harvesting.

The Round House is located in New Paltz, which is a quick drive from the home, and New York City is about 90 minutes away. This is a home for nature lovers, secluded on an acreage zigzagged with gentle hiking trails, tall woods, abundant wildlife, and a stream. Restaurants, shops, cafes, and services are available in nearby New Paltz, and fair-weather outdoor adventures include rock climbing, fishing, wading, hiking and bird- and wildlife watching, and ice-skating and snowshoeing in wintertime.

In conclusion, the Round House in New Paltz, New York, is a truly unique vacation rental. This spaceship-inspired dome home is stunning both inside and out, and the surrounding acreage is perfect for nature lovers looking to explore the great outdoors. With nearby access to restaurants and shops in New Paltz and easy access to New York City, the Round House is the perfect destination for those looking for a secluded, one-of-a-kind vacation rental.

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