The Kyoto By Little Byron (215 Sq Ft)

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Ewingsdale, Australia // 215 Sq Ft // $88,000 AUD // By Little Byron

Little Byron, based in Ewingsdale, NSW, presents the Kyoto, an exceptional and environmentally conscious tiny home meticulously handcrafted in their Byron Bay workshop. The Kyoto embodies elegance, functionality, and sustainable living, offering a unique living experience at an affordable price of $88,000 AUD, inclusive of GST.

This remarkable tiny home showcases an innovative design that includes a vertically sliding roof and wall section, allowing for a full-standing loft bedroom—a feature rarely found in traditional Tiny Homes. The Kyoto's thoughtfully engineered architecture maximizes the use of space while providing a comfortable and versatile living environment.

Complying with the definition of a caravan according to the New South Wales local government ACT, the Kyoto is classified as "designed to be capable of being registered," exempting it from the need for a Development Application (DA) when installed in accordance with relevant legislation. This further streamlines the process and allows for a hassle-free experience.

The Kyoto comes complete with numerous features and amenities to enhance the comfort and convenience of its residents. It includes a 4.5-tonne triple axle trailer, ensuring stability and mobility. The home is equipped with a 240V/10 amp caravan power inlet, powering 12V lights and 240V power points, enabling a seamless transition to tiny living.

Delivering sustainable sanitation solutions, the Kyoto incorporates a flushing toilet design that can be easily connected to existing sewer systems or holding tanks, providing flexibility and eco-friendly waste management options. The thoughtfully designed kitchen area features a two-burner electric cooktop, and ample space is provided for a microwave and a bar fridge, ensuring practicality without compromising on comfort.

Measuring 7.2 meters in length, 2.5 meters in width, and standing 4.4 meters high, the Kyoto offers generous interior space. When the roof is lowered for transportation, the height reduces to 3.6 meters, ensuring easy mobility.

Little Byron's Kyoto is an embodiment of their commitment to luxury, sustainability, and affordability in the Tiny Home industry. Each home is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, creating a unique living space that harmonizes with both the natural surroundings and the modern world.

Experience the elegance, functionality, and sustainability of the Kyoto Tiny Home, and embrace a new way of living that embodies simplicity, style, and environmental consciousness.

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