The Attayac by Thoughtbarn (544 Sq Ft)

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Austin, TX // 544 Sq. Ft. // $515,000 (2021)

Nestled in the vibrant East Austin neighborhood, the Attayac home showcases efficient and stylish living in a compact space. Originally built in 1947 and later renovated in 2016 by Thoughtbarn and Modtekton Builders, this gem offers a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom dwelling that maximizes functionality and embraces artistic elements.

The development opportunity for the small 544-square-foot parcel was limited to a remodel of the existing structure, as per Austin's zoning codes. The challenge of efficient use of space led to a thoughtful redesign. Within the footprint, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchenette were cleverly integrated. Vaulted ceilings and strategically placed openings create a sense of spaciousness and allow abundant natural light to flow throughout the home.

The exterior of Attayac boasts a striking feature with highly reflective charcoal stainless steel tile cladding the roofs and walls. This unique choice gives the house a dynamic and ever-changing appearance, adapting to the shifting light throughout the day.

Privacy was a priority in the design, ensuring a peaceful retreat. The fully fenced yard, regrowing bamboo, and frosted glass on the front door and selected windows contribute to a sense of seclusion. Inside, the home is filled with bright and airy spaces, with sliding doors and skylights inviting the outdoors in. When desired, shades can be drawn for complete privacy.

Attayac is not only a space-efficient home but also a showcase of artistic details and unique materials. Murals by artist Cat Ferraz, wallpaper by Flavor Paper of Brooklyn, and Mexican blue tile by Clay Imports add bursts of color and texture, creating a vibrant and personalized atmosphere.

Convenience is at the forefront of Attayac's location. Situated in the heart of East Austin, residents can easily walk to nearby coffee shops, restaurants, shopping centers, and the popular Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail. With its proximity to downtown, major tech companies, and recreational amenities, Attayac offers the perfect blend of urban convenience and a peaceful sanctuary.

In conclusion, Attayacexemplifies efficient and stylish living in a compact space. The thoughtful design, artistic elements, and prime East Austin location create a unique and delightful urban dwelling. This home proves that size doesn't have to compromise functionality and style, offering a charming retreat in the heart of the city.

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