The Andrew Geller Antler House (1,292 Sq Ft)

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East Hampton, NY // 1,292 Sq Ft // $2,700,000 // For Sale

Looking for a truly unique and luxurious home? Take a look at the "Antler House"', a fully-restored, one-of-a-kind mid-century beach house in the heart of East Hampton, NY. The home was designed by Andrew Geller, a famous American architect who is credited with helping to "bring modernism to the masses." Resting on a generous 1.05-acre plot, this 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom property comes with a price tag of $2,700,000. But for a house of 1,292 square feet, it offers so much more than its physical specifications.

As a work of art by Andrew Geller, one of the world's most influential mid-century architects, the Antler House is more than just a beach house. Geller, affectionately dubbed 'The Architect of Happiness', has been hailed for creating houses that are whimsical, breathtaking, playful, and truly original. His signature style draws upon Bauhaus principles and transforms living spaces into abstract, sculptural art pieces.

Built in 1968, the Antler House stands as one of Geller's most inventive creations. Its centerpiece is the expansive great room, boasting cedar-paneled cathedral ceilings, floor-to-ceiling 'owl eye' windows, and an open floor plan. This large, light-filled space provides an idyllic setting for entertaining and offers a spiritual connection to the surrounding nature.

Just outside the great room, a large, raised deck nestled among the treetops adds to the celebration of indoor-outdoor living. Complete with outdoor seating, cooking facilities, and easy access to the yard, this deck serves as an extension of the great room and a venue for al fresco dining.

The Antler House's unique features don't stop there. The bedrooms on the ground floor are a delightful nod to 'upside down' living – promoting restful sleep and a refreshed circadian rhythm by keeping you closer to the earth. The primary bedroom comes with an ensuite bathroom, a floor-to-ceiling 'kite' window, and a private entrance with deck. These features, along with whimsical triangle glass windows and hidden nooks throughout the house, make every corner a joy to explore.

The property's location is another highlight. Situated just two blocks from Napeague Bay and the family-friendly Louse Point beach, the Antler House invites its residents to enjoy swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding, all within a quick 5-minute bike ride.

In line with Geller's conservationist principles, the property maintains a symbiotic relationship with its surroundings. Over 1.1 acres of oak forest envelop the house, providing privacy, security, and a year-round connection to nature. Despite the luxurious interior, it's the untamed spirit of the outdoors that the Antler House truly celebrates.

In 2020, the Antler House underwent a complete restoration and renovation, overseen by Geller's grandson. This ensured the original integrity of this mid-century masterpiece was preserved while incorporating modern luxury touches.

The Andrew Geller 'Antler House' is more than just a world-class beach house – it's a journey into the heart of mid-century design and a destination for creating lifelong memories. The magic of this property is something that needs to be experienced firsthand to fully appreciate. Whether it's a home or an escape you're looking for, the Antler House offers an unparalleled connection to nature, a slice of architectural history, and a level of luxury that is truly one-of-a-kind.

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