Rubia Tiny House (155 Sq Ft)

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Byron Bay, Australia// 155 Sq. Ft. // $86,000 AUD // By Little Byron

Designed and built by Little Byron is 'Rubia,' a cleverly designed tiny home that is now available for sale and ready for immediate delivery. Handcrafted with care in Byron Bay, Little Byron specializes in creating unique and sustainable homes, and 'Rubia' is a shining example of their craftsmanship.

Built in a 100% solar-powered workshop, 'Rubia' is clad in sustainably sourced hardwood, showcasing both style and environmental consciousness. This tiny home offers a full-size kitchen, a bathroom, a comfortable lounge area with a dining table, a spacious loft bedroom, and even a single bed-sized couch downstairs with a removable cover and five feather-filled back cushions. The clever design ensures ample storage throughout, including underneath the integrated staircase.

Little Byron understands the complexities of obtaining council approval, and they are more than happy to assist buyers in finding the best pathway for their individual circumstances. They provide guidance and support throughout the process, making it a hassle-free experience.

The amenities in 'Rubia' are impressive. The kitchen features a 4-burner gas cooktop, a kitchen sink with a mixer tap, and convenient storage options. The integrated staircase not only provides access to the loft bedroom but also offers additional storage space. The bathroom is well-equipped with a choice of flushing or composting toilet, a shower, a vanity unit, and a mirrored cabinet. LED lighting creates a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the home. A custom-built sofa, with a removable Warwick commercial-grade fabric cover, adds versatility and comfort.

The design of 'Rubia' is elegant and spacious. The high ceiling and large windows invite natural light, creating a sense of openness and connection with the outdoors. The full-size kitchen provides ample bench space, ideal for cooking enthusiasts. The loft bedroom offers a generous retreat, with plenty of room for personal touches and additional storage. The wide windows on either side of the bed allow for a cozy view of the surroundings.

Little Byron's Tiny Homes are designed to suit various scenarios, catering to both off-grid and on-grid preferences. You have the option to choose a fully self-sufficient off-grid setup, including solar power with batteries, rainwater collection, and a composting toilet or holding tank. Alternatively, you can connect to the grid with a 'shore power' connection, plumbed toilet, and mains water connection. The flexibility of power options allows you to tailor 'Rubia' to your specific needs and location.

The dimensions of 'Rubia' are 6 meters in length, 2.4 meters in width, and 4.3 meters in height, providing a compact yet comfortable living space. The Tiny Home covers an approximate area of 20 square meters. With prices starting from $85,000 plus options, 'Rubia' is available for immediate delivery.

Little Byron also offers custom-designed solar packages ranging from $6,000 to $10,000, depending on your requirements. Additionally, they provide financing options to approved purchasers, connecting them with preferred lenders.

Embrace the opportunity to own 'Rubia,' a cleverly designed and beautifully crafted Tiny Home by Little Byron. Experience the convenience, sustainability, and comfort it offers, whether as a permanent residence, a holiday getaway, a guest house, or additional space for a growing family. It's time to make your dreams of living in a thoughtfully designed Tiny Home a reality.

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