Pioneertown Desert Home (729 Sq Ft)

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Pioneertown, CA // 729 Sq. Ft. // $899,000 // For Sale 

Tucked away on the outskirts of the coveted High Desert neighborhood, Rimrock, lies a hidden private valley with a secret treasure - a recently constructed, exquisite Spanish-style house. This off-grid dwelling, meticulously designed and engineered with superior materials, occupies a prime spot on the northern side of the area's highest peak, granting it a truly unique aura. The use of massive beams and innovative features, such as reclaimed bowling alley floors, lends the house an inimitable charm. 

Spread across over 38 acres of land, the property ensures a matchless degree of privacy and exclusivity. Additional structures on the property, including two 1950s trailers, three permitted shipping containers, a standalone bathroom featuring a large cast-iron tub and outdoor shower, two spacious sheds, and a foundation ready for a second home, broaden the spectrum of opportunities. You could consider subdividing the property, constructing another residence, or simply keeping this sprawling ranch for personal use.

The residence is powered by a 6kW solar panel system linked to a new Magnum Energy system and recently installed lithium-ion batteries. The house and a fully renovated 1950 Pan America trailer (equipped with its own kitchen and bathroom) feature mini-split systems for cooling. 

Apart from its man-made amenities, the property offers natural attractions as well, with giant boulders characteristic of the area dotting the back side. An efficient water supply system relies on a solar-powered well pump, while a half-mile circular driveway ensures privacy. 

Located just 8 minutes from popular locales like Pappy & Harriet's and Red Dog Saloon and another 10 minutes from Yucca Valley, the property enjoys a convenient location, coupled with a secluded feel. Its position on Burns Canyon allows for a thrilling 4-wheel drive to Big Bear, highlighting the diverse recreational opportunities it presents.

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