Lakeside Love Nest in Seattle (500 Sq Ft)

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Seattle, WA // 500 Sq Ft // $545,000 +$800/mo in dock fees // For Sale Here

Welcome to the charming "Lakeside Lovenest" – a unique floating residence, perched on the serene waters of Seattle's waterfront. This houseboat, now listed for $545,000, gained its fame from a starring role in Netflix's "Stay Here" series. Its captivating modern Scandinavian style, skillfully brought to life in 2018 by renowned HGTV designer Genevieve Gorder, radiates a harmonious blend of comfort and elegance. 

As soon as you set foot on the houseboat through the artfully crafted custom front door by Laura Burkhart, you're welcomed into a generous open floor plan that is every bit as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. This multifunctional living space not only serves as a cozy living room but can also be effortlessly transformed into a second bedroom whenever required.

The houseboat's main bedroom offers direct access to a delightful rooftop deck, where residents can enjoy sweeping, panoramic views of the lake, Gasworks Park, and downtown Seattle's shimmering lights. The view here truly captures the spirit of Seattle, offering an immersive experience that's unparalleled.

The "Lakeside Lovenest" doesn't compromise on modern conveniences. It boasts of upscale amenities often uncommon in houseboat living, such as an in-unit washer/dryer, dishwasher, an on-demand water heater, and plenty of storage space tucked neatly away in the aluminum hull.

With its iconic location and charming design, the "Lakeside Lovenest" houseboat is a unique opportunity to live life anchored in the heart of Seattle's vibrant houseboat community. 

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