Gold Bar Tiny House (216 Sq Ft)

5:54 PM

Gold Bar, WA // 216 Sq Ft // $154,999 (2022)

Perched in the picturesque town of Gold Bar, Washington, this tiny off-grid house is a testament to cozy, sustainable living. Boasting a functional design, this charming residence features one main bedroom, a whimsical loft bedroom, and a full bathroom, all tucked within a compact footprint. The abundance of windows around the house doesn't just allow ample natural light to filter in, they also serve as frames to the breathtaking woodland scenery, providing residents with a continuous connection to nature's splendor. Situated on a scenic, wooded lot, this home's location further enhances its allure, offering tranquility, captivating views, and abundant opportunities for outdoor exploration. Ultimately, this off-grid haven is more than just a house – it's a lifestyle that encourages appreciation of the simpler, slower-paced moments, harmoniously interwoven with the surrounding nature.

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