The Connect 3 House (960 Sq Ft)

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Los Angeles, CA // 960 Sq Ft // $444,400

If you're looking for an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) that's not your everyday design, consider the Connect 3 from Connect Homes. With a total floor area of 960 square feet, the Connect 3 has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and one story. But what sets it apart is its open-concept design, which makes it perfect not just as an ADU, but also as a small vacation home that's ready to socialize.

The Connect 3's open-concept flow from the kitchen to the dining room to the living room occupies nearly two-thirds of the floor plan, creating a large public area that's perfect for intimate entertaining. You can stage a small dinner party or host holidays for the entire family in this glass home that feels surprisingly spacious.

The kitchen is at the heart of this home, making it easy to socialize while you cook or keep an eye on the kids while they play. And because the Connect 3 is made by Connect Homes of Los Angeles, you can trust that the design is modern, functional, and energy-efficient.

In addition to its spacious public area, the Connect 3 has two bedrooms, making it perfect for accommodating guests or renters. And because of its open-concept design, it feels much larger than its 960 square feet.

The Connect 3 has an overall dimension of 40' x 24' and is built by Connect Homes of Los Angeles, California. The steel frame of the unit allows for glass windows throughout the space, making it feel light and airy.

In addition to its modern design, the Connect 3 is also energy-efficient. Connect Homes uses green materials and a low-waste construction process to make each unit environmentally friendly. The ADU is also designed for superior energy efficiency, with a "Cool Roof" system that reflects up to 90% of incident heat, R-21 insulation levels in the exterior walls (above code requirements), and low-E glass windows and doors.

The steel-framed modules are permanently attached to a reinforced concrete system of stem walls and piers. This foundation system ensures the ADU is structurally sound and allows utilities to run through the crawl space beneath the home, making them easy to access and maintain.

If the typical foundation system won't work on your site, Connect Homes can design a custom foundation system that meets your needs. However, perimeter stem walls must be part of the foundation design to accommodate the crawl space and utility access.

In conclusion, the Connect 3 from Connect Homes is not your everyday ADU. With its open-concept design, spacious public area, and two bedrooms, it doubles as a small vacation home that's perfect for entertaining and accommodating guests. Its modern design and energy-efficient features make it a smart and stylish choice for anyone looking to add extra living space to their property or create a vacation home that's ready to socialize.

Estimated Connect Homes Budget
  • Design: $24,000
  • Production: $282,100
  • Installation: $90,000
  • Sales Tax: $9,800
  • Estimated Connect Homes Total: $405,900

Site Work
  • Estimated Basic Scope: $38,500
  • Estimated Total Budget: $444,400

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