Mossleigh Tiny House

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Mossleigh, AB // $85/night // Rent on Airbnb

For those seeking a unique and rustic getaway in the heart of the Canadian prairies, the Horseshoe Hideout at the Ranch in Mossleigh, Alberta, is a must-visit destination.

This cozy cabin is perfect for two guests and offers a tranquil and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Despite its small size, guests have access to the whole ranch and all its amenities. While the cabin has heat and electricity, water and a porta potty are located just outside the cabin, and showers are available in another heated building nearby.

Guests are encouraged to explore the ranch, which includes a variety of animals, walks in the fields, and a fire pit and sunset deck for relaxing and taking in stunning views. For those looking for a little extra pampering, the ranch also offers trail rides and massages/spa treatments.

The cabin comes equipped with a BBQ and fire pit, making it easy to prepare meals while enjoying the great outdoors. For those who need to stay connected, wifi is available in the cabin.

Located in Mossleigh, Alberta, this charming ranch is the perfect place to unwind and experience the beauty of the Canadian prairies. With its cozy accommodations and stunning natural surroundings, the Horseshoe Hideout is an excellent choice for couples or solo travelers seeking a unique and peaceful retreat.

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