Cubo Nube Forest Cabin

5:13 PM

Medellin, Colombia // $49/night  // Book on Airbnb

Looking for a unique experience that combines immersion in nature and modern comforts? Look no further than the Cubo Nube, a tiny house located just 40 minutes from Medellin in Santa Elena, Colombia.

Designed and built by Samuel Suarez, a designer, and builder of architectural structures based in Australia, Cubo Nube is a sustainable and innovative space that offers essential comfort and unforgettable landscapes over the Colombian Andes.

The tiny mountain house has been carefully designed and built in collaboration with a team of architects, interior designers, environmentalists, and craftsmen. It is located in one of the last native oak forests that have survived deforestation, becoming a shelter for wildlife displaced by development.

From the spacious deck in the middle of the forest, you can enjoy a small terrace with a circle of fire and feeders where the fauna of the place come closer. You will have two levels: on the first floor is the kitchen with a spectacular view, a comfortable sofa-bed, and dining room, and on the second level, you will have the opportunity to sleep over the forest, with windows to the sky where you will be able to contemplate sunsets and sunrises that you will not forget. There is also an attic, an intimate space, for additional people, to meditate, and read, with charming details.

Cubo Nube is an experimental project born from the determination to create a habitable space integrated into the landscape and harmonize with its surroundings in a sustainable way. It is the result of the compilation of ideas, and the study of compact and efficient spaces. From the understanding of lightweight construction systems, with low environmental impact, and particularly from the close monitoring of the global prefab and tiny house movements.

As a sustainable house, Cubo Nube protects the forest from any negative impact, with gray water filters for wastewater, and ecological soaps and detergents to avoid any contamination. The fauna of the place is accustomed to approaching Cubo Nube to two feeders located around the house, and they are taken care of by the hosts.

While staying at Cubo Nube, keep in mind that the house is located in an area where electrical storms are common, so it is necessary to disconnect all electronic devices to avoid irreparable damage. Nonetheless, you will enjoy excellent connectivity, with 300 Megabytes of speed via fiber optics.

So, if you are looking for a unique and sustainable escape surrounded by nature and unforgettable views, the Cubo Nube is a perfect choice.

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