Cook's Beach Cottage

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This Cook's Beach Cottage in Maine is a charming cabin on the waterfront. This property was once a public beach but has been abandoned for over thirty years. The cabin and bunkhouse have deteriorated to the point where mice were falling from the ceiling! The Maine Cabin Masters took on the challenge of restoring this property within a tight 12-week deadline and a budget of $50,000 for the structure for the Lefebvre family 

The cabin's before

The renovated two-level cabin features a porch, an upstairs bedroom, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a cozy living room area. The bunkhouse was built from scratch and adds extra sleeping space for guests. With water access just steps away, this property is perfect for a family getaway.

The Cook's Beach Water Access Cottage was featured on Season 7, Episode 712 of Maine Cabin Masters. 

The main floor before the renovations

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