Cobbosseecontee Lake Cabin

9:54 PM

Kennebec County, ME // 400 Sq Ft // $30,000 (reno)

The Maine Cabin Masters took on the challenge of remodeling a family cabin from the 1960s on Cobbosseecontee Lake. The team was tasked with creating more living space within the original footprint of the cabin, with the limitation of only being able to build up. While there were some initial obstacles to overcome, including a slipping metal roof and a live electrical mast that needed to be taken down during demolition, but the renovation team embraced the challenge.

To make the most of the limited space, the team carefully planned their design and incorporated multi-functional furniture and built-in storage solutions. They also had to consider the structural support needed to build up and ensure that the additional weight of the new construction was properly accounted for.

Working within a budget of $30,000 presented some limitations, but the Maine Cabin Masters were able to prioritize important aspects of the remodel such as addressing the issues with the roof and electrical mast, while still creating a beautiful and functional new space for the Webber family to enjoy.

Overall, the Maine Cabin Masters were able to overcome the challenges presented by this project and create a stunning transformation of the original 1960s cabin. The end result was a space that was both modern and functional while still honoring the history of the original cabin.

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