Mississippi Memory House (576 Sq Ft)

3:20 PM

Waveland, MS // 576 Sq Ft // Bruce Lanier

Definitely one of the more emotional stories featured on Tiny House Nation is the story of a family from Waveland, Mississippi, who lost their 2,000 sq ft home to Hurricane Katrina. Once the home was wiped away, all that remained was a set of brick stairs that had lead to the home's entrance. The family couldn't afford to rebuild right away so, instead, they would come back to camp on the property several times a year for the next few years.

Once they were ready to rebuild, they decided to go smaller and enlisted architect Bruce Lanier and the THN team to help them build their new home. The finished result is a gorgeous 576 sq ft elevated beach cottage.

Large windows were added to allow plenty of natural sunlight into the space. There was also a custom table built that would allow up to 8 people to dine together. All in all, a really breathtaking home!

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Images © FYI Network and Pye Parson

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